We provide Aviation Compliance and Security for:

  • Airlines

  • Airports

  • Cargo

  • In-Flight Supplies



Unique Aviation Security Training for both Government and Private Industry covering:

  • Cargo Aviation Security Principles

  • Cargo Operations Training
    (From Operator to Manager Levels)


Salmon & Sons...

Constantly reacting to compliance mandates or updates to the requirements can seem exhausting, and most teams don’t have experts on staff.


Imagine feeling secure in the knowledge that you’ve got access to industry or regulation experts who can do more than just keep you compliant, they can help you get ahead of compliance challenges!


Our history has proven that improved compliance brings not only safety but improved profits. As you can concentrate on business while being assured that your compliance is in good hands and always up to date, in an ever more complex and dynamic environment.


Our company is founded by a former UK Govt. Aviation Security Compliance Inspector with TRANSEC (Transport Security Directive), who has also worked as a Compliance Director in the private sector for a freight forwarder. These positions were attained after a career in the military; followed by freelance work in Iraq and Afghanistan; as well as security focussed management role in local government for a large London borough. The latter involved the management of the implementation for a street crime initiative that was recognised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as “the best in the UK”.

See here for more details on background and experience. We bring industry knowledge, combined with excellent management and governance to bear on everything we do for our clients. In short - we deliver.